Los Angeles

  • Amazon-Zombies-1200x801

    Intruder Shot After Breaking Into Home Screaming About Zombies

    A 22-year old man was shot and killed by a homeowner in Los Angeles, California, after he broke into their house, through a glass window,  screaming and yelling about zombies. In fact, the young man, Paul Michael Bracamontes, woke the homeowner up from his sleep in the early morning...
  • eric - painting by allison cortson

    Artist paints with dust from subject’s home

    Los Angeles based artist, Allison Cortson, is doing something I don’t think anyone else in the art world is doing. And it’s brilliant. She’s creating painting using dust found in the subject’s home. Collecting it from the vacuums of the people she’s painting, Cortson then spends weeks using glue...
  • 120118_mcnuggets

    Woman offers sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets

    A woman in the United States is up on misdemeanor solicitation charges for offering sexual favors to patrons at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru in exchange for some chicken McNuggets. Sources say 31-year old Khadijah Baseer, was going up to cars at a McDonald’s location in LosAngeles. She’d open the door...