Woman offers sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets

A woman in the United States is up on misdemeanor solicitation charges for offering sexual favors to patrons at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru in exchange for some chicken McNuggets.

Sources say 31-year old Khadijah Baseer, was going up to cars at a McDonald’s location in LosAngeles. She’d open the door and offer male passengers oral pleasure if they would buy her some bite sized chicken bits (which may or may not be real chicken but that’s another story all together. )

People complained and apparently no one took Basser up on her offer. She was arrested and faces up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine – which she probably couldn’t pay since she can’t buy herself a box of chicken McNuggets.

Guess there’s some truth to that slogan finger licking good… oh wait… that’s a different restaurant. Maybe she’d have better luck there.  Source

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