Woman uses year old McDonald’s burger to encourage her kids not to eat fast food

If you’ve ever doubted that fast food is full of so many preservatives that it never rots then look at the picture above very carefully. This is the face of a one-year old cheeseburger from McDonald’s. Canadian Melanie Hesketh keeps it on her kitchen counter to dissuade her children, both teens, from eating fast food, and it is definitely working as her oldest says he has only ate fast food maybe once or twice in the past year.

The nutritionist from Windsor, Ontario, wanted to show her kids how unreal fast food is. According to her and the picture, you see the cheeseburger looks pretty much the same as when they got it. The patty has shrunk slights, the bun is hard, and the greasy smell remains. What is undeniable is the lack of mold, fungus or decomposition of the burger. Apparently not even bacteria want to eat this burger that millions of humans around the world happily sink their teeth into.

Yup, that burger is sitting on her counter, through summer heat and winter cold, and still nothing is happening except for a type of mummification of sorts. Harder, dryer but still in tact. Yum. Wonder what it does in your stomach? If a maggot won’t eat it maybe we shouldn’t either.

Also, it makes you wonder how McDonald’s can still claim their beef is 100% real with no filler, preservatives or additives, as it does on their website? Last time I checked real beef rots.  Source.


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