This guy will promote your website by tattooing your URL on his body, aiming for 100,000

Looking to promote your website in a unique and fairly cost effective way?  Then Pat Vaillancourt has a deal for you.  For a mere $35 ($500 for logos and larger, more developed sites) Vaillancourt will have your website’s URL inked on his body, alongside the 15,000 he currently has.  The Quebec resident is aiming for 100,000 URLs when all is said and done.

But that’s not all—in addition to your URL tattoo, your site will also be linked on Vaillancourt’s personal website,, and more than half the money he raises will be donated to charity.  How very altruistic of him.

Says Vaillancourt…

Those who know me will agree that I’m a spontaneous guy, a man of real conviction and passion who’s not afraid of getting involved in unconventional projects. I want to break a world record and become the man with “the most Websites tattooed on his body.” But more importantly, I want to help others. That’s why I’m going to donate more than half the money raised through the project for Haïti.

Not too be disrespectful, but that “world record” that Vaillancourt is aiming for sounds like a world record he just made up.  I know Guinness has a lot of wacky records, but this one seems just too specific to be believable.  Still, give credit where credit is due.  If he reaches his goal, the amount he will end up donating to charity could well be over a million dollars, and all it will cost Vaillancourt is 10,000 to 12,000 hours of his life (each URL tattoo takes an hour to complete).

Eventually he’s going to run out of prime body real estate, meaning that after 100,000 any other sites looking to have their URLs tattooed on Vaillancourt’s body will be stuck with less than ideal areas.  Wonder if he’ll offer a discount for a butt tattoo, because I know a couple of websites that a butt cheek tattoo would be wholly appropriate.



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