Another solar storm on the way, will peak Tuesday the 24th

Well, we’re now in the solarmax period, which means that for a couple months, to a year or two depending, our sun will be more active. More active means warmer, and also it means that it will eject more plasma under the form of solar flares.

Who says solar flares also says geomagnetic storms, that will be visible as aurora borealis but also will likely disrupt radio frequencies including satellite broadcasts, airplane traffic beacons and of course normal AM/FM radio. It might also cause some black outs, although in Quebec, because of the major blackout we had in the late 1980s, the power company has tweaked the electric grid to be able to withstand these storms with little or no effect. Keep in mind, that with the current ice-storm happening at the same time, things could get “fun”.

The storm will peak Tuesday when a speeding cloud of plasma and charged particles blasts past Earth, distorting the planet’s magnetic field with impacts possibly ranging as far south in latitude as Texas and Arizona.

Meanwhile watch your skies to see some red or green curtains forming. They’re mostly harmless, but quite pretty.


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