Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Charged With Breaking Into Her Home & Glueing Fridge Shut

Up for the 2012 award for the stupidest get back at you for breaking my heart stunt is American man, Dennis Homberg.

The 42-year old Pennsylvanian man is being accused by police of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and super gluing her fridge shut. That’s not all this super genius, revenge seeking man with a glue gun sealed shut. He also thought it best to glue shut a utensil drawer and pour some on her computer keyboard.

What was he thinking to gain with this kind of revenge? Starve her to death? Annoy her with the inability to use her spoons for the cans of soup she has to rely on since her food saver wasn’t able to open? Or is this the reason why they broke up in the first place… his body is 42 but his mind is that of a 11 year old prankster? I guess no one will know… until he sells his side of the story.   [Source ]

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