Snyde Park doesn’t like Packer’s decorative lions

A posh British millionaire, Edward Packer has been told to pack up his newly built entrance pillars to the castle he owns, and remove them by Bristol City officials with the following reason: “They are out of keeping” with the local area. Packer of course, being a millionaire and having dropped a probably pretty penny on this matter, will pursue and fight the city council’s request.

It should be noted that the local area, known as Snyde Park, was built well after his keep which is known as Cooks Folly which itself was built in the 1840s.

Packer moved into the keep about 15 years ago and had the new entrance built last December. According to Bristol City officials, they’ve received five complaints regarding his new entrance pillars, which have lovely lions on top of them.

All this, and people are still allowed to park hideous Hyundai Velosters in front of their houses? I don’t want to call Snyde Park residents jealous but, are they jealous?


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