Toddler Survives Four Story Fall Thanks To Delivery Men

A dramatic video is making internet rounds of a two and a half year old little girl falling from a four story building and being caught by delivery men who stopped when they heard her cries.

It’s amazing.

The little girl, QiQi, who lives in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, China had been left home alone sleeping when she woke up. Climbing up and out the window she was hanging and crying when the delivery men heard her.

Five of them stood under with arms open waiting for her little arms to give out. Lucky for her they were there when they did.

Successfully catching the toddler, she survived with only a minor scratch on her face. Two of the men were injured from the catch – one hurt his neck, the other his shoulder. Both were treated in hospital.

It’s unclear if it’s the norm in that part of China to leave toddlers alone at home or how long the parents were gone. However, thanks to CCTV footage we can all watch the amazing catch that saved a little girls life. Perhaps parents will think twice about leaving little children alone.   [ Source ]


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