Woman Finds Out She Married Her Father 6-Years After His Death

In something that sounds like it came straight from the scripts of soap operas and movies, a 60-year old woman in Ohio found out her late husband was actually her father. This news came to her six years after his death and she’s been in therapy to deal with it ever since.

Valerie Spruill was the child of teen parents. After her birth, her mother sent baby V to live with her parents who raised her as their own.  For nine years this was her life, until it was finally revealed the “family friend” was her mother and her “parents” actually her grandparents. No one mentioned her father or who he was.

Fast forward ahead to adult V. She meets and falls in love with Percy Spruill, 15-years her senior, and the two marry and settle down in a Doylestown with her three kids from a previous marriage. Life is good until Percy dies in 1998. In 2004 an uncle told Valeria the truth about Percy and she took a DNA test to confirm the man she’d been sleeping with for years was indeed her long lost father.

Did Percy know Valerie was his daughter? Valerie has no idea of knowing, telling CNN “That conversation didn’t come up… “I think if he did know, there is no way he could have told me.”

Let’s just hope he didn’t know… but then, how did the uncle? [Source]   [Picture]

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