Woman Keeps Dead Mother In Freezer

A Dutch woman is under investigation after police found she was keeping the body of her 83-year old dead mother in her freezer.

The body had been there for a week before another family member alerted police to the frozen corpse saying they couldn’t live with the secret of the body anymore.

No foul play is suspected as the police think the elderly woman died of natural causes. An autopsy is being performed.

It seems the 46-year old daughter was overcome with grief at the death of her mother and couldn’t bear saying goodbye which is why she put her in the freezer.

Sources say the woman had been caring for her mother for 17-years, with nothing but intense love and care. Losing her was too much and her sadness caused her to try and keep her mother’s lifeless body for as long as she could. Sad and creepy all at the same time.

Police haven’t decided if they will charge the unnamed mother or not since hiding a body is a criminal offense.  I’m thinking they might more more along the lines of strongly recommended grief counseling.  [ Source ]

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