Bulgarian politician survives assassination attempt on live TV (VIDEO)

Save for a few wild brawls amongst politicians in Southeast Asia, politics are usually boring and mundane to those of us who don’t follow them closely.  Then you have Bulgaria, where politicians face assassination attempts on live TV while addressing a conference crowd.

This past Saturday Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgaria’s Movement for Rights and Freedoms party, was just starting his speech when 25-year-old Oktai Enimehmedov jumped on stage, rushed Dogan, and pointed a gun directly at his temple before pulling the trigger.  Fortunately for Dogan the gun misfired, and the 58-year-old head of Bulgaria’s ethnic Turkish party swatted his would-be-assailant’s gun away, gave the man a shove, then executed a get away side roll that would have impressed James Bond.

Security guards wrestled Enimehmedov to the ground, then laid a beating on the wannabe assassin for the next few minutes, leaving him a bloodied and beaten mess.  Dogan was reportedly unhurt and is doing well after the attack.

Here’s the rather insane, rather intense video of the assassination attempt…

YouTube Preview Image

Glad that Dogan wasn’t injured or killed in this attempt on his life, but how bad an assassin is Oktai Enimehmedov?  That close to his target and he couldn’t get a gun that works?  Try taking the safety off next time Oktai, or better yet, use a knife…they never misfire.



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