Woman Steals Train, Crashes It Into House

train crash house

train crash house
Now, stealing cars, truck and motorcycles are pretty common occurrences but stealing a train? That’s not something you hear about everyday.

A 20-year old woman, who works as a cleaner in Stockholm, Sweden, did just that. Stole keys to a train, then drove it at a high speed to the end of the track it was on and crashed it into a house after leaving the line and jumping over a street.

Luckily no one except the unidentified woman was hurt. It was early in the morning so there were no other passengers on the train and no one in the house was in line of fire. The young woman’s injuries were serious and she’s in hospital.

Police are investigating to see how she got into the cabin of the train, got the keys and knew how to drive the train… although it seems she didn’t really know how to drive the train as much as crash it.  [ Source]


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