Recession May Have People Craving Pet Meat

pig_1Animal rights experts are afraid that the Great Recession may cause Britons to start eating pets. Pet owners have be warned about selling the more commonly eaten varieties of animals in the upcoming months, in particular rabbits, goats and pigs.

According to pet behaviorist Debbie Connolly:

Last week a lady rang me up to ask if she could adopt the two goats I’m currently looking after. When I asked if she intended to keep them as pets she ummed and ahhed and said ‘probably not’. I couldn’t believe she thought I’d give them to her when it was quite clear she planned to eat them. I understand times are hard but people need to be careful who they give or sell their pets to. More and more people are trying to buy our animals with the intention of selling them on for their meat.



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    May is National Pet Month!…

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