Woman in Wheelchair Punches Boyfriend Out, Traps Him in Bathroom

bathroomBreaking up is hard to do, so goes the famous Neil Sedaka song.

It’s even harder when your girlfriend is drunk, angry, and brandishing a wheelchair.

Ralph Wilgfong of Spring Hill, Florida can now be described as an expert on bad breakups after feeling the wrath of his now ex-girlfriend Brenda Hermes.

Seems Ms. Hermes likes her alcohol–a little too much for Ralph’s liking.  Last Tuesday, after fetching his very much intoxicated girlfriend from a local bar and bringing her home, Ralph had enough.

Wilgfong reportedly informed Hermes the relationship was over, due to her excessive drinking.  Apparently this didn’t sit too well with Brenda, who wheeled herself into the bathroom where Ralph was showering, stood up, pulled back the shower curtain, and punched the unsuspecting gentleman square in the mouth.

Wilgfong exited the shower, dried off, but was blocked by Hermes sitting in her wheelchair as he attempted to leave the bathroom.  She clawed at his face and neck as he tried to squeeze past her.

His final mistake may have been his worst–during the attack, Wilgfong bent down and asked Hermes if she wanted to hit him as well.

Her response–Brenda punched him in the face…twice.

Hermes was apprehended and taken to Hernando County Jail. [ABC Action News, Image]


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