Krispy Kreme Sued For Sweet-smelling Sewer Damage

Fairfax County, Virginia is seeking damages from Krispy Kreme for damage to the local sewer system. The lawsuit claims that the doughnut company has filled sewers with greasy corrosive waste that left the pipes smelling like donuts.

In a civil lawsuit filed in Fairfax County Circuit Court, the district claims that a $1.9 million cleanup bill came as a result of years of Krispy Kreme dumping “excessive quantities of highly corrosive wastes, doughnut grease and other pollutants” in the sewers.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The suit details problems with the plant dating as far back as 2004, describing a sewer facility permeated by the smell of doughnuts, pipes clogged with corrosive slime and the resulting raw sewage leaks that eventually shut down the southern Fairfax sewer system.

Beyond the $1.9 million repair bill, which Krispy Kreme has refused to pay, an additional $17 million in penalties is being sought.


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