Amazing Two-Story House Made Entirely of Lego


Lego, the ever-popular children’s building block toy, has been helping kid’s use their imaginations since the 1940’s.  Of course, what’s good for kids is also good for adults, and every once in a while someone comes along to produce a Lego creation that’s just downright amazing.

Enter British TV host James May.

May, the “Top Gear” host, and almost 1000 volunteers, took the time to create a two-story, full-size home in the British county of Surrey.  The 20-foot-tall structure is comprised of 3.3 million Lego bricks, and even has a working shower and toilet.

And if you happen to be house hunting in the county of Surrey, well, you may be in luck…if you don’t mind a Lego house.

May and his crew are facing a dilemma, as the vineyard owners where the house was built, are asking May to remove the Lego house so that their grapes may be harvested.  If someone doesn’t step up and buy the house, May will be forced to tear it down, which would be a shame, especially considering all the time and effort May and his volunteers put into erecting this amazing Lego creation. [UPI, Image]


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