Prison Boss Hit With Feces Bomb

An inmate of the maximum security Edmonton Institution pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon over an attack on the prison’s warden. The weapon in question was a milk carton full of feces.

The attack occurred on the Halloween of 2008 at around 2:30 p.m., while prison warden Ron Boutin was visiting cells in the segregation unit to speak to inmates about their concerns. As Boutin and his team reached the cell of Curtis Dale Hill, the 29-year-old prisoner called to him in a low voice. The warden leaned closer and Hill attacked, attempting to throw a small milk carton full of fecal matter through his cell’s food slot.

Hill’s aim was off, the carton failed to make it through the slot and landed on the shelf. Undeterred, Hill reached out and flung a handful of the carton’s putrid contents at the warden. A small amount hit the warden on his chest and dribbled down onto his trousers and shoes. The damage to the warden’s clothing amounted to $500.

After the attack, Hill was heard to yell:

I shit-bombed the warden.

When questioned by fellow inmates as to whether the incident had really taken place, Hill was said to have replied:

Yeah, I had a full cup ready for him.

Hill is also facing mischief and assault charges over feces attacks that he is alleged to have executed at the Edmonton Remand Center on July 6 and August 12. Charges from the first attack relate to damage to walls when he carton of feces hurled at another inmate missed its intended target.

The August attack involved a plastic drink bottle connected to a tube that allowed him to pour a mixture of urine and feces under a door into a cell. Hill, who has been described as seriously disturbed, will be sentenced following a psychiatric assessment.


[Edmonton Sun]

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