Romania’s fattest man to get posthumous liposuction, two funerals

Cristian Capatanescu succumbed to multiple organ failure on a Bucharest hospital bed awaiting surgery that would have helped him to lose weight – he was 54. At the time of his death the 184-centimeter-tall man weighed in at around 400 kilograms.

Capatanescu’s weight made him the fattest man in Romania, it also presented a unique set of challenges for his funerary arrangements. His family cannot afford the large, reinforced coffin that would be necessary for him to be given a traditional burial. Instead, they are hoping hoping that doctors will cut away enough of his excess girth to allow part of him to be buried; the excess could then be cremated.

If doctors consent then the plan, according to his wife, would be to have two funerals: one for his burial and a second for his cremation.

Image: Cristian Capatanescu was transported to hospital by firemen a short time before he died awaiting weight reduction surgery

[Romanian Times]


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