Five days in a bathroom without Internet: Day One [video]

Mark Malkoff, the guy who wanted to see if he could get a bunch of strangers to carry him around New York City is back in action. This time he is seeing if he can beat his Internet addiction by camping out in his apartment’s tiny pink bathroom for five days, much to his wife’s chagrin who has to share said bathroom with him. Today we have day one – I could spoil it for you and tell you how it all went now, but what would be the fun in that?

New York, NY- Comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff is one of the millions of people who suffer from the life sucking pain of a serious internet addiction. His solution was to go on a 5 day online cleanse with no internet. But Mark needed to be in a location where there would be zero distractions or temptations. And that place was located…in his BATHROOM. This is where he remained locked away 24/7 from August 23 until August 28. No email. No Twitter. No Facebook. No iphone. No laptop. No landline. No internet.

Thanks Mark!

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