Old Estonian naval mines make great furniture

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin created an artistic solution for some of the unexploded ordinance floating around on Estonia’s northern coast – he turned them into functional furniture – everything from charcoal grills to baby carriages. We can assume that he took all of the necessary precautions because these particular anti-submarine mines would have each contained about 240 kilograms of explosives.

The frame of the artpieces is a historical deep-sea mine of AGSB-type, made in Russia in 1942. It was a big galvanic deep-sea mine, equipped with “Blok” device and two contact electro-magnetic antennas. The upper antenna was kept steady by a buoy. The mine was used to fight submarines. It was still manufactured in the 50-ies.

The measures of the original mine are: diameter: 875 mm, weight: 1140 kg, Explosive charge: 240 kg.



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