Unique Tattoo Helps Cops Bust Suspected iPhone Thief

I never steal, save for the occasional grape at the local grocery store, so I’m not too familiar with the occupation of thief.  But I know that if you are someone who steals for a living, it’s best not to stand out in a crowd.  That’s just common sense.

I’m guessing that this guy missed that lesson in “thief school.”

This guy is Joseph Williams, a 19-year-old Florida resident who was wanted for a string of iPhone robberies.  Williams’ modus operandi was to enter an AT&T store, make his way to the iPhone display, then do a grab and dash with one or two of the smart phones.  Not exactly the smoothest of operations, but nonetheless effective.

Cops from the Broward Sheriff’s Office were finally able to nab the suspected thief after they got a tip from Crime Stoppers.  How did police know they had the right man?

From Williams’ very unique, very ill-placed “I’m Me” tattoo on his forehead.

Williams was charged with four counts of grand theft, and is the prime suspect in at least 15 other iPhone thefts.

Now if he had just gone with the “Mother” tattoo on his shoulder, none of this would have ever happened.

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