ATM Repair Man Caught After Stealing $200K BUSTED

It took authorities 10 months to catch the man who made off with $200,000 from ATMs in San Fransciso and Daly City but they finally did.

The culprit is Samuel Kioski, an ATM repair man, who took the money from 7 different ATMs last July 4th and replaced it with counterfeit bills. Not good counterfeit either – some bills were merely photocopied $20s.

The day after the heist he took off with the money leaving his wife behind and numbers of angry Bank of America customers who started calling the bank about the fake cash.

Nabbed at a traffic stop in Phoenix, Arizona on May 11th the 64-year old has plead not guilty to charges of burglary, embezzlement, forgery and possession of a counterfeiting apparatus.

Seems like he forgets that he used his work key card to open the machines and surely that’s easily traced back to him.

Kioski is being held on $25,000 bail. Something tells me the wife he ditched might not cough up a penny to help.[Daily Mail]


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