Fishermen catch orange and black lobster just in time for Halloween

Your eyes do not deceive you…that is indeed a lobster split right down the middle, black on one side, orange on the other, embodying the spirit of Halloween amongst sea life.  If you think this is a put on for the holiday, or that someone painted this poor crustacean like this as some sort of Halloween practical joke, know that this coloration of lobsters happens approximately once out of every 50 million lobsters.  The fact that Massachusetts fisherman Dana Duhaime caught it just before Halloween is nothing more than delicious coincidence.

The lobster—known as a split—has since been named “Pinchy” and will be showcased at the New England Aquarium, where—after a short quarantine period—it will eventually be put on display for aquarium visitors.  I think a more appropriate display for this one of a kind crustacean  would include some melted butter, a nice glass of Chardonnay, and a side of rice pilaf.









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