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  • wei-yih chen

    So I Married A Narcissist: Taiwanese bride self-weds

    Wei-yih Chen of Taipei, Taiwan grew tired of her bachelorette status.  At thirty years old, she finally decided to tie the knot. But Chen apparently overlooked the whole bride-and-groom thing and went on ahead with a wedding ceremony consisting of herself, her friends and family, and booked a honeymoon...
  • brynn larsen

    Enter the Teenage Exorcism Girl Squad [w/”I’d possess it” pic]

    When a loved one is feeling suicidal, murderous, talking nonsense, sleeps all day and rejects Jesus, they either just got done watching The Zookeeper or are in dire need of an exorcism.  But today, the demand for exorcisms is enormous while the supply of trained spiritual warriors is lacking. ...