Couple in Heated Divorce Fighting Over…Dog Sperm?

bullmastiff295x266For the most part, going through a divorce is not easy, and from time to time they can turn particularly ugly. Such is this case from Pontiac, Michigan, as Karen Scully and her ex-husband Anthony Scully argue over who has the right to their dog’s sperm. You read correctly – sperm.

The couple were hobby breeder’s in Oakland County (Michigan) of All American Kennel Club registered bull mastiffs, a breed of dog that can be worth up to $2000.
When the couple divorced in 2002, they had no problem deciding to split the dogs–Mr. Scully kept four of the dogs, Mrs. Scully kept two and hightailed to Florida. The sperm in question is another story. Mr. Scully’s attorney argues that Karen Scully gave up rights to the sperm when she moved to Florida. However, Mrs. Scully maintains the sperm is hers, since the semen came from dogs that once belonged to her.

Family Court Judge Cheryl Matthews listened to these arguments, and after realizing that this was not some practical joke, deferred the case to a civil court, stating that the issue of ownership of the dog semen is not a matter for divorce court. [Boston Herald]


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