Aussie Donkeys to Kickstart Waning Chinese Libidos

Chinese importers are presently in talks that aim to establish a supply line of donkey products, namely donkey steaks and donkey skin, from Australia.

The donkey steaks would be destined for dinner tables, while donkey skin is used as an aphrodisiac for women. An extract from the skin is believed to relieve menstrual pain and boost the libido. At present, China does not have enough locally sourced donkeys to meet the incredible demand. A recent trade agreement between Australia and China has paved the way for the sale of donkey meat and skins.

However, the some 5 million donkeys that inhabit the Australian outback might still have the last laugh. Though the animals are considered pests, their location has given them protection in the past and may do so again this time. Due to the remote areas that they inhabit, the cost of harvesting and processing would be significant and when that cost is combined with the additional expense of transportation to China, profit margins become even thinner.
[Courier Mail]


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