Russian Woman’s Bulgarian Breasts Explode Over Northern Pacific

boobieA 45-year-old Russian woman found herself in need of medical treatment when the her F-cup implants burst on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Los Angeles.

Irena D’s (as her name has been reported by the Russian press) ailment was not immediately obvious to doctors when she collapsed at LA airport but after a thorough examination they were soon abreast of the situation.

According to one doctor:

The flight per se could not damage the implants. Most likely, she already had problems with them before, and the implants burst because of the pressure differential on board the plane.

Irena D has since had the implants removed and been warned of the potential health consequences of further breast augmentation.

[The Register]


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    wow lol

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        Fa real dude.

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    1000 ways to die overplayed this so much

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      except for the fact that this happened 3 years after the date listed in 1,000 Ways to Die

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