Indiana Man Charged Over McDonald’s Emergency Run

Two New Castle, Indiana men are facing charges that may result in up to a year of jail time for using a flashing red and blue strobe light to expedite their trip to McDonald’s.

The trooper who followed the speeding pickup truck explained the driver of the truck closely followed other southbound vehicles until they pulled to the side of the state highway, in the process nearly causing two traffic accidents.

When the truck stopped at a McDonald’s restaurant, the trooper discovered that driver Brian E. Cole, 19, and passenger Terry J. Rhyndress, 20 were not emergency personnel.

According to court documents, Cole explained to the officer that:

He was from the country, and he was allowed to do more out there because it was more lenient where he lives.

He added:

All the kids put those kind of lights in the front window (of their vehicles) and he didn’t think he had done anything wrong.

Both men have been charged with impersonation of a public servant, a Class A misdemeanor which carries a maximum jail term of one year. Cole has also been charged with two traffic infractions: following too closely and driving with red and blue lights.


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