Romanian Convicts’ Painful Pastime: Headbutting Nails

An ex-convict looking to share some insights into prison life with his friends inadvertently highlighted a bizarre practice among some Romanian prisoners: headbutting nails.

When 39-year-old Radu Popescu of Sibiu, Romania attempted to demonstrate his nail headbutting prowess on the outside, he did it after a few drinks and something went very, very wrong. He headbutted the nail so hard that it became completely embedded in his skull and he had to go to hospital to get it out.

According to a medic familiar with the case:

It’s no shock to anyone here that he missed his brain. It must be a very small target.

The nail was successfully removed after a two-hour operation in which Popescu’s head was placed in a clamp and the nail was slowly levered out.

Popescu explained his unusual hobby to the media after his accident:

There was nothing to do in jail, it’s just one of the ways we passed the time – whacking nails into our heads.

It doesn’t hurt. It became quite popular after somebody accidentally threw a dart that stuck in another man’s head and everyone thought it was really funny. He didn’t hurt himself and just pulled the dart out and after that it was a craze in the prison.

Despite prison officials’ best efforts to put a stop to the practice, it continues, but thus far there have been no serious injuries.



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