Shopped: Demi Moore’s W Cover a Photoshop Hack Job

December’s issue of W features a little less of Demi Moore than there should be. A close examination reveals that a sizable piece of her left hip is missing.

Photographer and social commentator Anthony Citrano was especially unforgiving:

When I look at it I can’t appreciate it because I feel like there’s a piece of dirt stuck in my eyeball. A neon arrow pointing at the screwup. When I see images like this I:

1. feel bad for the photographer;
2. feel bad for the subject;
3. feel like someone, somewhere, is a dumbass.

Doesn’t anyone look at these pictures before they go to press?

Fashion designers, art directors, and yes, even we photographers are often trying to be fantastical and aspirational, not necessarily realistic — but when they make clumsy mistakes, completely miss the mark, and end up making people look like mutants, I get to make fun.



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