Raging Brother Jailed For Extreme Pimp Slapping

Old Reynella, South Australia – A brother was sentenced to seven years jail (with a non-parole period of four-and-a-half years) for a savage assault on a man he says was a pimp who had recruited his two underage sisters to work for him as prostitutes.

The court heard that the man, now aged 24 from Old Reynella, South Australia, became enraged when his sisters told him that they had been working for the alleged pimp. His sisters were aged 15 and 16 at the time.

According to Adelaide Now, in the course of the attack, which lasted for five-hours, the defendant was found to have broken into the alleged pimp’s house (with his sisters’ help), pistol-whipped and assaulted him, held him at gunpoint, and urinated on him – before leaving with his cash, credit cards and four-wheel drive.

Technically, the four-wheel drive belonged to the brother, as the alleged pimp had signed all of the necessary transfer of ownership paperwork in the course of the ordeal.

The victim of the assault told the court that he had “broken into tears” when his furious attacker had informed him that his sisters were underage.

The defendant explained:

(The defendant) didn’t see it as stealing because he thought that it belonged to (the defendant’s) sisters and it was rightfully theirs.

Following the attack, the brother might have pushed his luck to far by making several phone calls to the victim demanding money in exchange for silence over the alleged recruitment of his sisters.

The vengeful brother pleaded guilty to a catalog of offenses that included: aggravated serious criminal trespass in a place of residence, aggravated robbery, aggravated causing harm with intent to cause harm and blackmail.

In sentencing, Judge Clayton explained that there was no justification for the defendant’s “most serious and humiliating attack.

He added:

No matter who you are and what you have done, one is allowed to have the sanctity of their home recognized by the court. Notwithstanding (the victim’s alleged crimes) you have no right to enter his property, take his belongings or assault him.

It was not the defendant’s first time to face court. In October 2008, he pleaded guilty to various firearms offenses and possession of an anabolic steroid.

While I feel for the defendant in this case, one does get the impression that South Australia’s wild South Coast is probably a little safer with him off the streets.


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