Topless Tash: a Hero

If you found yourself in a situation that required help to put out a potentially serious fire, would your prefer a fully clothed hero, or a topless one?

By all accounts, a topless one would be the most popular choice, especially if the hero was a female.

Tash Bennnett, a 27 year old fitness instructor was first on the scene when a fire broke out in a nearby tree.

Seeing the ash falling on to her while she was sunbaking, her survival instincts kicked in straight away, and she raced off to put out the fire.

She gave no thought to why she had so much admiration from the men folk who were standing around, preferring to watch, rather than get involved.

It was not until she realised that she had forgotten to put her bikini top back on, that the penny dropped.

I think one of the spectators summed up the situation better than I can…

Amanda from Georgia, USA, said she was shocked by the “pathetic morons standing there and watching her simply because of her attire, and didn’t offer to help her fight a fire that could potentially be fatal”.

For anyone that needs that interpreted, if you replace ‘pathetic morons’ with ‘men’, I think that would probably be close to the mark.

For the record, as a male, I would have helped out if I’d been there…. eventually.

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