Entire New Zealand Village for Sale

Looking for a unique home? Why not buy a whole village in New Zealand for the same price as a city mansion?

The tiny town of Otira, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, is on the market for $NZ1 million ($817,060).

The village’s owners, Bill and Christine Hennah, made the purchase in 1998 after passing through the town and “feeling sorry for it”, The Press said today.

They paid $NZ80,000 ($65,290) for the hotel, school, railway station, townhall and 18 houses.

The Kiwi couple, now in their 60s, are asking for $NZ350,000 ($285,520) for the hotel, or $NZ1 million ($817,060) for the whole lot.

Otira has a population of 40 and is in the middle of a national park in on the West Coast of the South Island.


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    […] 52 year-old Aucklander Bill Hennah decided to check out the lead with his wife, Christine. Via weinterrupt, Hennah and his wife were moved by the dejected nature of the small town, and aside from the pub, […]

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