German schoolgirl faces court for drawing rabbit on blackboard

Just when you thought you had heard everything, news out of Germany is that a teacher is suing a 16-year-old-student for teasing her about an alleged phobia of rabbits. The teasing included, according to the teacher, drawing one on the class blackboard.

De Spiegel reported that the teacher fled in tears when she saw the chalk drawing at a school in the northern German town of Vechta.

According to documents tendered to the court, the teenager had told classmates that the teacher was terrified of rabbits and would “flip out” if she saw one.

The victim, who has been off work since the incident, has refused to say whether she is afraid of the animals but is suing the youngster for defamation and for “infringing her rights.”

Court documents state;

The plaintiff, a teacher, teaches the accused pupil at a high school in Vechta and claims the pupil drew rabbits on the blackboard of the classroom and told fellow pupils the teacher was afraid of rabbits and ‘flips out’ when she sees a rabbit, the teacher demands that the accused refrains in future from drawing rabbits on the blackboard and claiming that she, the teacher, is afraid of rabbits and flips out at the sight of them.

The defendant has already made one court appearance accompanied by her mother.

She told the court:

I didn’t draw the rabbit. I know the teacher from my previous school where she also gave lessons. All I did was tell another pupil that she used to run out of the classroom whenever she saw a drawing of a rabbit.

The teenagers mother told reporters:

The teacher didn’t talk to me before she filed the complaint. My daughter has had rabbit stress all year because of this.

The judge will announce his verdict on July 20. If found guilty, the teenager will land a €5000 ($7400) fine if she ever draws another rabbit or repeats her claims.

I guess that puts paid to a career as a cartoonist then.


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