Hospital reported self-suturing patient to police

A 32-year-old Swedish man stitched his own leg wound after apparently becoming tired of waiting more than an hour for treatment.

The Sundsvall man, who said he cut his leg on the edge of a kitchen stove while performing home renovations, told The Local that hospital staff reported him to the police.

He explained:

They had set out a needle and thread and so I decided to take the matter into my hands.

Hospital staff told him that he would be reported to the police “on suspicion of arbitrary conduct for using hospital equipment without official approval.”

Not to be judgmental here but where I come from, one hour is not much of a hospital wait – in fact to even lay eyes on a doctor within an hour, let alone have them lay out a needle and thread in preparation for repair of one’s laceration, would be a stroke of extraordinary luck. [The Local]


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