It’s a dogs life

A recent survey points to New Zealand women expressing the view that their loved pooches are better listeners than their husband, while some men believe their dogs show them more affection than their wife.

Pet food company, Purina, recently released a survey showing 31% of female dog owners believe their pets have better listening skills than their partners, and 14% of men say their dog gives them more love than their partner.

After interviewing 250 dog owners and 250 cat owners nationwide – and to put that into perspective that’s 500 people out of a total population on 4,296,756 – the survey also concluded that nearly 50% of female cat owners share their problems with their feline friend.

Not surprisingly, 400 of the 500 surveyed admitted to “cherishing pets”, with more than 50% considering themselves a mum or dad to their animal companions.

Purina’s pet-care expert Shivaun Statham said:

The results mean that pets can become as endearing as a child or a close friend to many owners. When people find strong companionship and affection in their pets, it is quite normal for them to begin treating their animals as important family members.

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