Study Concludes That Men Are More Likely to Pick Up Female Hitchhikers With Large Breasts

Not being a part of academia, I really have no idea what the thought process is when trying to come up with a viable study project.  But even I know when research is both pointless and obvious…and I’m a moron.

Case in point–this study that looked at the effect of a female hitchhiker’s breast size and the likelihood that she would be picked up by a driver, either male or female.  Without going into specifics, you can probably guess what the results showed.

Statistically speaking, the hitchhiker’s breast size had no effect on the female drivers, but wait for it, as far as men go, the male drivers were more likely to engage in prosocial behavior (in this case, offering the hitchhiker a ride) with women sporting bigger boobs.

Groundbreaking stuff, I know.

Maybe the next study will investigate whether an attractive naked female hitchhiker with a case of beer is more likely to get picked up by a male driver versus, say, Rosie O’ Donnell hitchhiking with a can of prune juice.

/wonder if I can get a grant for this?

//doubt Rosie O’Donnell would go for it anyway

[Psychology Today]


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  • Don
    7 December 2010 at 10:25 pm
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    Not only would I stop to give this woman (pictured) a ride, I would most likely take her ANY place she wanted to go. I would have to admit that it would also be hard to drive with that sort of view to my side. Please if this woman EVER needs a ride, call me! WOW!

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