Dumb and Dumber: Jewel thieves

44-year-old Noemi Duchene and 45-year-old Luis Del Castillo would have to be known as two of the dumbest crooks ever.

Security camera footage shows two people attempting a jewelry store heist in El Paso, Texas.

They arrive outside of Estate & New Jewelry late Tuesday morning, Duchene then gets out of her ‘vehicle’, covers her head and upper body with a large black trash bag and enters the jewelry store while the driver, Del Castillo, waits outside.

Duchene gets inside the store and pulls a kitchen knife. She demands “everything”, but Linda Bradely, the store owner, decided to draw a stun gun in response.

Bradely recalls

We’re chasing each other around like keystone cops, I knew I could outrun her because she was obviously not very quick.

A store customer eventually tackled Duchene and held her until police arrived.

Del Castillo was still waiting outside with the getaway vehicle, a wheelchair, and was also arrested.


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