Not your grandparents’ wood stove

The traditional boxy shape of wood stoves has one cool advantage – as long as they aren’t insulated, you can cook on them – which is cool if you want to drink lots of tea or want to add a little moisture to the air. I would, however, happily forgo that benefit to have this Bullerjan engine-themed wood stove sitting in my living room.

No word on price, you will have to make your own inquiries at Bullerjan, which probably means that it is quite expensive. [Coolest Gadgets]


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and a reporter at large for We Interrupt and Uberreview. He currently resides in the Japanese countryside approximately two hours from Tokyo - where he has spent the better part of a decade testing his hypothesis that Japan is neither as quirky nor as interesting as others would have you believe.
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