Cat-astrophic train accident

What do you get when a cat, a train driver and a closed carriage all come together at the same time? A cat-astrophic ordeal, that’s what!

It is exactly what happened when a grey short-hair male cat boarded a train at Wairarapa station in New Zealand. Nothing serious about that I hear you say?

That’s when the driver comes into the mix. In a scene that no doubt resembled something out of one of those animated animal hero movies, the driver cornered the cat in a closed carriage thinking it would be an easy way to catch it.

He was sadly mistaken.

The moggy severely lacerated the poor unsuspecting driver, requiring bandages to stem the blood flow. So bad were his injuries, the train was reportedly held up for 30 minutes while a replacement driver was called in.

KiwiRail marketing and communications manager Nigel Parry said

It’s very unusual indeed, in fact when I spoke to the train manager after his hand had been bandaged up, he said he had been working in trains for four decades and it was first time he has been attacked by a cat

I’d suggest it was probably the first time the cat had been cornered by a train driver too.

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