The Internet, taking the stress out of Christmas

The Interwebz have been an indispensable part of my holiday season since I got my first broadband connection. It’s not just about saving money on phone calls by using Skype and finding the best deals for presents. I don’t really call all that many people and I have always been something of a tightwad when it comes to presents.

Where it helps is with the stress. It was not all that long ago, that I would find myself fighting traffic to get to stores before they closed in the silly season, when the rest of the city had exactly the same idea. The stores would be crowded. The lines would be long. Festivities can be a lot of work.

How wonderfully different it all is now when 95% of what I need can be ordered through a fiber-optic cable and the rest is a short walk away at the local farmers’ market. Some people will tell you that the Internet spoils the holiday season – for me, it wouldn’t feel like much of a holiday without it.

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