12-year-old’s Christmas gift a touch on the pornographic side

What 12-year-old kid wouldn’t love getting a brand-spanking new computer for Christmas.  And not just one of those run-of-the-mill laptop or desktop PC, but rather one of those fancy dancy touch-pad tablet type computers that are all the rage.  And this one was preloaded with apps for Facebook, Twitter, and porn.


A 12-year-old Southern Illinois girl and her family got quite the Christmas surprise when the Coby Kyros computer that the little girl had received as a gift ended up having two porn apps pre-installed on it.  No wonder the clever girl dubbed her new tablet computer the “Perv Pad.”  The questionable applications were discovered when the girl tried switching screens.

How did the porn applications end up on the child’s Christmas gift?  Obviously nothing that inappropriate would be pre-loaded on a computer like this, as the manufacturer states.  It’s possible that someone bought the device, dowloaded the porn, then returned it.  Then there’s the third, albeit highly unlikely, alternative—the father took the computer for a test drive, and forgot to dispose of the evidence.

Let’s go with the second option, shall we?

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