We Interrupt 2010 – Year In Pictures

As the year comes to a close, I present to you the top ten stories of the year based on on the number of page views. I hope everyone has a great, safe and happy new year and thanks for reading We Interrupt. Special thanks to everyone who linked to us or helped spread the word about the site via all the various social media outlets. You Rock!

What a difference a year makes. Last year the site had 1.25 million pageviews, this month alone, we will almost nearly touch (so damn close) 1 million pageviews for December. The year ahead looks to be an exciting one for us as we prepare to bring on a couple of new writers, and we are moving the site to an ultra fast server environment thanks to our behind the scenes crew, Paul Jara and Andrew Boring . I personally would also like to thank all the writers, Chris, Jeff and Shane for finding the best of odd news from all the corners of the world. See you on the flip side.

Happy New Year!

#1 – World much stupider than returning soldier remembered

#2 – Pop-up Garage Stows Your Car Safely Underground


#3 – Vortex cannon versus the three little pigs

#4 – Five-year-old Boy Left With Intricate Dragon-shaped Scar

tattoo, henna, scar

#5 – Fox News Give it 120%, Claim 94% Of Americans Believe Scientists Faked Climate Data


#6 – Spectacular Lego Bugatti Veyron Has Working Transmission, Brakes and Suspension

#7 – Floor Of Weight Watchers Meeting Collapsed Under Weight Of Occupants

#8 – Pigeon Carries Data 25 Times Faster Than South Africa’s Telkom

#9 – Man Finds Terrifying Way To Test Whether Lava Lamp Would Work On Jupiter

#10 – Bomb-proof Wallpaper Stronger Than Walls


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