A suitable gift for the would-be lumberjack in your life [DIY axe kit]

I can’t think of a gift that is more manly than a build-your-own axe kit. Best Made have thrown together everything you need to craft your own axe.


  • two 20″ pieces of rough-cut American hickory*
  • one hand-forged 6″ axe head by Wetterlings, Sweden
  • wedges, sandpaper
  • optional spokeshave (coming soon)

*The wood for the axe helves have intentionally been cut into rough shapes so that the use of heavy power tools can be minimized.

I’m guessing that the sort of people that go out and buy a build your own axe kit don’t really care that it costs considerably more than something that will probably look and work better and that you don’t have to make yourself.

Price: $140 [Gizmodo]


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