Chinese man’s home is a self-made bamboo egg

Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old young man who makes his living working for an architectural design company, is the designer, builder, and sole occupant of this one-of-a-kind egg shaped bamboo house.  Haifei got the inspiration for his unique lodging from his company’s own mobile, egg shaped cabin known as “egg of the city.”

Haifei decided to build his egg shaped dwelling as a way of saving money by eliminating rent.  As a bonus, he also saves time and money on commuting since his new home sits directly in front of his workplace.  The bamboo house also sports a set of wheels for mobility, and a water tank and pressurized system for bathing.  No kitchen though, so Haifei relies on local eateries for food.

The exterior of the cabin is made of gunnysacks which, according to Haifei, contain grass seed that will sprout in spring, turning Haifei’s egg shaped house into some kind of weird, egg shaped Chia house.

[Weird Asia News]


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