Couple’s remodeled home theater would make Darth Vader jealous

Why you ask?  Because Kim and Jim Howett had their home theater built to resemble the Imperial Destroyer Vessel used by Darth Vader himself in The Empire Strikes Back.

Get this–the couple claim not to be crazed Star Wars fanatics.  Yeah right, like most casual fans of the venerable movie franchise would do something as extreme as this.  Hey Howetts, I’m just a normal fan too…so much so that I made my bathroom to look like the carbon-freezing chamber from the Cloud City on Bespin.

But I digress.  Crazy fanatics they may not be, the couple do love the Star Wars movies, and their Destroyer-themed home theater is the centerpiece of their humble abode.  The room itself is a three-tiered spectacle, complete with 12 leather recliners, big screen TV, surround sound, and murals looking out at the Death Star and attacking rebel ships.

Wait—call me crazy, but the Death Star wasn’t in The Empire Strikes Back, was it?  No, but it’s not my house, so I could care less.

Here are a few more pictures of the Howett’s Star Wars room…

Very cool.  So realistic, Darth Vader himself couldn’t tell the difference.

Of course a room this great would need it’s own Imperial guards to protect it—or at least murals of Imperial guards.

Pool table?  Check.  Life-sized murals of Darth Vader and a stormtrooper?   Double check.

The coolest home theater room ever?  Check and mate.

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