Rapper accidentally confesses to murder

Rapper G-DEP, also known as Trevell Coleman, is facing the prospect of a lengthy custodial sentence after he went to a police station and accidentally confessed to a 17-year-old murder.

The rapper turned himself in to police over the shooting of one John Henkel on October 19 of 1993. While Coleman understood that he had shot Henkel, he didn’t realize that he had died from his wounds – police promptly charged him with murder.

Coleman told the NY Post:

II was surprised – for some reason, I really didn’t think he died. When they (police) told me, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not going home after this.’

Now, while the cynic in immediately leaped to the conclusion that Coleman’s motives were less than genuine – he could have been hoping to confess to a shooting, do a little time and emerge from prison with fresh street credentials – it does seem that his motives were honorable.

After battling drug addiction, it seems that Coleman got to thinking:

started to wonder if all the bad things that happened to me in my life were karma for what I did… you start to think, ‘My happiness is because of someone else’s sadness.’

I thought that if I turned myself in, it might give me closure… I’m just trying to get right with God.

Understandably, most of Coleman’s friends, family and fellow inmates seem to concur that it was a pretty stupid move, but he maintains that his only regret is that he will leave behind his partner Lyvonnia Copeland and their three kids.

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