Man wants mother out of his grave

A Dutchman has reportedly said that he wants his mother out of his grave if he dies before 2015.

The man, aged in his 50’s is reported to have purchased burial plots for himself and his father. When his mother died, she was laid to rest by her late husband… without her son’s permission. Officials are said to have accepted responsibility for the mistake, but mom remains buried in son’s space in the ground.

Son, it would seem, is prepared to go to extreme lengths to reclaim that which is rightfully his as he is reported to have said:

I have a right to that grave: I paid for it, it is mine.

He has said that his sister can deal with finding a new resting place for her earthly remains.

I must admit I am a little suspicious of this story – the details are sketchy, there are no names (although I understand this to be normal in countries that respect people’s privacy); it all seems a little too extreme to be true. Assuming that it is true, Junior has some serious, serious mommy issues – it must have taken quite a chip on the shoulder to forget the nine months she carried him around and the painful childbirth she had to endure to bring him into the world.

Hopefully our 50-something-year-old ingrate can keep himself alive for the next four years and leave his poor mother alone.

[Radio Netherlands Worldwide]


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