Amazon Sells Gastric Bypass Surgery Kits to Anyone with $300

DIY Gastric Bypass Surgery Kit at your Fingertips

Is your constant battle of the bulge getting you down? Tired of always dieting, killing yourself at the gym 5-days a week and never seeing your waist shrink? Well, it’s time for you to get your weight under control with your own Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgical kit available at

Costing only $258.95 you save $35.35 off the wholesale price. That’s on top of the thousands of dollars you save not paying a medical expert who specializes in this procedure. Why pay for someone who knows what they’re doing when you can buy this kit that gives you everything you need. From the markers, to the skin rulers, to the drain and the suction, this kit even includes 1oz of unnamed medicine and a handy bag to carry all your supplies in. You won’t even get your clothes dirty as a gown and a towel are included.

With only 5 left in stock you best not delay. Get your credit card ready and get hyped for bathing suit season. Who cares that the Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery is considered the most difficult of all the stomach shrinking surgeries. Cut your tummy in half and reattach your intestines in the comfort of your own home. No assembly required. Instructions could cost extra. And, oh yeah, consulting your physician before attempting surgery on yourself is always recommended… Who else will you get your painkillers from?



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