Airport Scanners to be Less Intrusive

The highly controversial full body scanners being used at US airports are getting ready to take a more modest view of things.

Instead of displaying pictures of people in full naked detail more generic images are being used and red blocks appear over areas where there is a perceived “threat.”

It’s a change that’s come after massive public outrage over the highly intrusive original design which showed as much as if you were standing naked in front of airport security.

Currently being tested in Las Vegas’ McCarren Airport. If all goes well the Transportation Security Administration plans on testing them at Washington’s Regan and Atlanta’s Hartford Jackson airports. If tests are successfully the TSA plans to install the updates on all millimeter wave machine scanners in the US  – which covers 239 of the 500 scanners in use in the US.

So if you’re lucky you’ll be able to keep your modesty a little bit longer.


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